Our Facilities

 Bhasker Memorial offers effective and inductive teaching methodologies for high quality education with dedicated and well-experienced teachers, in depth supervision, in academic performance and digitalized systematic teaching learning activites .We  provide a variety of facilities for learning, comfort, recreation, accommodation and access.


Bhasker Memorial has e-library equipped with knowledgeable materials. The library consists of plenty of different reference books, newspapers, magazines, up-to-date informative materials, encyclopedias, journal and so on.


The school avails the comfortable transportation facility around the Pokhara Valley according to the need of the students .

Science Laboratory

Bhasker Memorial has its own advanced laboratories of Physics, Biology, and Chemistry. The laboratories are well equipped with sufficient materials, and students can experiment and get supervised by the concerned subject teachers.

Music Class

To support the wide participation of our students in musical activities,  we have extensive music facilities across the School, including different musical instruments and music teachers.

Computer Lab

Bhasker Memorial supports its students with modern computer lab which is accessible to the internet without any power supply disturbances.


These well equipped and spacious rooms provide a wide variety of resources aimed at stimulating the interests of young students during recreation time and also for specific class activities. Educational toys, puzzles, models, bricks, blocks are all carefully selected for the children to enjoy their kindergarten years and to develop their potential through play way method