Madhavi devi banstola

Education is a lifelong learning process which brings positive changes in human behavior that reflects in the society. Social change is possible through consciousness which is gained from formal and informal education. Quality and career-based education are crucial for transforming the society. Since its establishment, in 1993, Bhasker Memorial has been providing qualitative practical education by its continuous endeavors and devotion in the field. We are grateful to our parents, teachers, students, and well-wishers for the upliftment of this institution. Bhasker Memorial has earned name and fame because of its unique, effective and distinct features of learning. We are proud of our products who have deserved a successful position in different sectors globally. We are committed to building such manpower that can contribute to the society and enlighten the flame of consciousness and social transformation. We ensure all guardians that Bhasker Memorial’s academic approach will be practical based, student-centered and career based.